Launched by our two co-founders in 2020, we bring an innovative spirit and disruptive DNA which we focus towards generating value with every step we take.

Our purpose is to make our customers' life journey supportive by offering bespoke terms. Using state-of-the-art technology, we create versatile and adaptable products that help our customers reach their goals.

Our team is made up of experts bringing together worldwide-acquired experience. Through merging our finance and technology backgrounds to develop our applications, we succeed through our culture and partnership.

We lead through change; our start-up essence is embedded in every decision we make; flexible and rapid implementations drive us every day.


Our mission will be to help young professionals take control of their finances with loans that are invested in their success.

Through our unique product, we believe we would help the millions of young individuals under immense debt burdens get back on top. Our income-linked loans would help adjust repayment to our customers'  financial needs. 



We understand the struggles we all face in the early stages of our careers, it's difficult. That's why we brought GOCAP into existence in the first place: to relieve young professionals of the worry that their income won't suffice for the next loan payment. Through our income-linked structure, that adjusts to current income, we plan to help!